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The Ultimate Marketing Channel and Customer Engagement Tool

Push notifications and iBeacon

Reach your customers at any time and place using the power of push notifications and iBeacon.

Facebook and Twitter sharing

Incentivize your customers to promote your business on their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Purchase history insight

Track every purchase and reward the customers that spend the most.

Tailored for your Business

Reward customers based on their spending
Identify your most valuable customers with Transaction Overviews and reward them in proportion to what they actually spend.
All of your content in a native app
Easily import all of your content from your web site into your app. New, Events, Videos, Photos, Menus, Online store and much more.
Create time and location targeted deals
Promote deals, limited offers and happy hours. Activate deals on a specific calendar date, weekday or even time of day.
Customize your app up to the pixel
Shoutem provides templates and design tools that let you drag-and-drop your way to a beautiful, branded app.

Powerful Analytics to optimize your campaigns
based on:

Members Activity and Engagement ・ Store visits & walk-ins ・ Purchase history
  • Members Activity and Engagement
  • Store visits & walk-ins
  • Purchase history
Single Location Loyalty
Branded loyalty app for your business.
  • Your brand
  • Your loyalty program
  • Your customers
  • 100% yours! You have the complete control.
Multi Location Loyalty
Create a loyalty program for multiple stores or businesses
  • Robust Loyalty for chains, franchises and shopping malls
  • Run a loyalty program for a business district, neighborhood or town
  • Set up custom programs for each location and charge listing fees
  • Sell featured in-app placements
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